The Organizers behind the Campaign “Capoeira Against Hunger in Brazil”.

We, Capoeiristas from Instituto Cultural Bantu, from Ngoma Capoeira Angola, from Angoleiros Sim Sinhô, and from Projeto Semear Angoleiros, believe in solidarity. And you can join us in this roda! Together, we can end hunger for hundreds of families and the children who’ve lost their school-sponsored meals – the only nutritious meal many of them were getting in a day – since face-to-face classes were suspended.

Mestre Roxinho
The Bantu Cultural Institute
Escola de capoeira Mato Rasteiro (ECAMAR)

Edielson da Silva Miranda or “Mestre Roxinho” is a Capoeirista of 42 years in the practice and a holder of a Community Work Development Degree from TAFE Sydney, Australia. He has 25 years of experience working using Capoeira Angola as an instrument for socio-education in Brazil, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and in the United States.

The Bantu Cultural Institute is located at loteamento Paraguaçu, em Mar Grande, Ilha de Vera Cruz, in the State of Bahia where Mestre Roxinho works with the youth of the community free of charge. Aware of Capoeira Angola’s potential as an instrument for social change, Mestre Roxinho directs the Institute’s work toward the development of self-esteem and other positive social and behavioral resources in vulnerable young people.

“Capoeira must have a responsibility towards its own.”

Mestre Anastácio Marrom
Ngoma Capoeira Angola

Anastácio Marrom maintains his work with Capoeira Angola which has been going on for some 25 years now in the community of Morro da Babilônia where he has also settled. In 2020, he opened the “Casa Ngoma”, a socio-cultural space for the study, practice and spread of Capoeira Angola within the community.

“Casa Ngoma” is a socio-cultural project that conducts activities that include Capoeira Angola as well as other Afro-Cultural activities, including the learning of African history, literature, audio-visual projects, the production of instruments. It also a space for reflection and collaborative debate. This Project was conceptualized by Mestre Marrom and his students.

“Solidarity in the roda of life!”

Mestre Pedro Peu
Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinhô

The Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinhô – Núcleo Zona Leste, Ermelino Matarazzo, is run by Mestre Pedro Peu. He began his work in 1998 at the Centro de Educação Popular Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in the community of Santa Inês. At the time, youth between the ages of 12 to 17 were attended to.

Presently, the Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinhô shares its space with the Centro de Cultura e Arte Batakerê, in the community of Santa Inês, with classes of capoeira and music for the entire community.

Due to the pandemic, all of the activities at their space are suspended but Mestre Pedro Peu continues to pursue actions to fight hunger, as well as the collecting personal hygiene products and cleaning products to donate to the residents of Santa Inês.

Mestre Plinio
Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinhô

Mestre Plinio, founder and Master of the Centro de Capoeira Angola Angoleiro Sim Sinhô.

Mestre Pingo
Grupo de Capoeira filho de Angola (projeto SEMEAR ANGOLEIROS)

From the Grupo de Capoeira Filhos de Angola, Mestre Pingo is the coordinator of the PROJETO SEMEAR ANGOLEIROS which works with children and youth in the community of Itinga in Lauro de Freitas, in the State of Bahia – Brazil.